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<p><strong>BETEL films</strong> is a company created in 2013 and managed by Freddy Mouchard. Its mission is to produce and distribute feature-length fiction films, documentaries for cinema and television.</p>
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<p><strong>BETEL films</strong> offers an independent cinema, free in its form and its purpose.</p>
<p>Freddy Mouchard and his team are currently working on several projects,
documentaries and fiction that put man in front of his condition and his natural environment.</p>
<p>Mother Nature is seen as a living being in its own right. These films offer an often unprecedented spiritual vision over a period of history or contemporary subjects.</p>
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<figcaption style="text-align: center;">Compostelle, le chemin de la vie</figcaption>
<p>The director Freddy Mouchard followed for 3 years the journey of several
pilgrims who go to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.</p>
<p>No path is the same. Whatever their age, their social situation, their religious beliefs, each of them is led to exceed their limits and confront their true nature. The tests are as much interior as physical.</p>
<p>Step by step another rhythm of life sets in, the path offers new perceptions. The repeated contact with nature, the elements and the other pilgrims places each individuality in the right place. The alchemy of the path operates gradually. When the pilgrim finally reaches the end of his journey, at Cape Finistère, He burns his old clothes. The old man disappears to give birth to the new man.</p>
<p>Documentary - 94 minutes - 2015</p>
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